South Azerbaijani Independence Party

    Resolution, May 2008:

    Azerbaijan is a historical motherland of Turks. From the time immemorial and from the time of the
    great Sumerian empire, Turks were the inhabitant of Azerbaijan. Throughout the known human
    history Turkish had been and is the official language of the region. In the last 80 years and after the
    collapse of Turkish Qajar empire, Persian chauvinists brought to power Reza shah by the means of
    military coup d'état and forced Persification of Azerbaijan. With the popular uprising of South
    Azerbaijani people and creation of independent and democratic government in 1945, occupying
    Persian forces were pushed out of South Azerbaijani territories. One year after the establishment of
    South Azerbaijani democratic government, Persian army with the blessing of Russia and western
    powers occupied South Azerbaijani territories killing tens of thousand of people. Since 1946 South
    Azerbaijan is under Persian occupation. Systematic and mass assimilation of Turks to Persian
    language and culture were implemented. After the so called revolution of 1979 and coming to power
    of terrorist regime of Persian Iran, assimilation policies were followed and intensified. Turkish
    Students were taught a foreign language of Persian in the schools. The very existence of Turks in
    the so called country of Iran was denied. As everything run by the Persian government, all schools,
    offices, hospitals, courts, TV and media, and every official and unofficial business were forcibly
    done in foreign language of Persian. South Azerbaijani economy is plundered by the Iranian terrorist
    regime, literally taking away all underground and above ground riches and leaving a desperate and
    poor situation for people, pushing the working forces out of South Azerbaijan to look for pity jobs in
    Persian areas.
    Over 70% of non-Persian population of so called Iran is deprived of their basic human rights by
    Persian terrorist regime. With the exception of Persian language, all other languages are banned
    and their territories occupied. Non-Persian peoples of so called Iran such as Arabs, Beluchs,
    Turkmens, Kurds, Lors, and South Azerbaijani Turks are living under constant terror organs of so
    called Islamic regime. Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards (pasdaran) which is a world known and
    recognized terrorist organization is the regime’s tool of plundering non-Persian peoples' resources,
    and using them in spreading terror around the world.
    South Azerbaijani Turks, who are in the majority in the so-called Iran, are subjected to a severe
    violations and discriminations. Insulting Turks has become an ugly but accepted norm in the
    Persian literature. Nowadays it is difficult to watch TV or read a newspaper in Iran and not be
    exposed to insults on Turks, likening Turks to donkey, cockroach or any other humiliating names.
    On May 22nd 2006 South Azerbaijani people poured to the streets in millions protesting Iranian
    official newspaper “Iran’s” recent insults on Turks, calling them cockroaches and demanding basic
    human rights in their own lands, but terrorist regime's response was killing almost one hundred,
    injuring over four hundred and arresting over fifteen thousand of innocent and defenses people. At
    the present time over one hundred South Azerbaijani right activists are under torture in the so called
    Islamic Iran. Persian chauvinist and terrorist regime is continuing unlawful, illegal, and random
    arrests of South Azerbaijani right activists.  
    We South Azerbaijani Turks, hereby protesting Persian occupiers and declare:

    1- We strongly condemn illegal arrests, detentions, and inhuman treatments of South Azerbaijani
    right activists, and demand to bring the culprits (Iranian authorities) to international courts.
    2- We condemn Persian (Iranian) regime.
    3- We demand Persian (Iranian) occupying forces to leave South Azerbaijan without any condition.
    4- We demand South Azerbaijani affair to be run by South Azerbaijani people. We believe South
    Azerbaijani people as in their thousands of years of history did, can, and should be in charge of
    their future with complete self determination.
    5- We believe that a nuclear Persia (Iran) is not only a great treat to the regions peace and stability
    but also they will use the power derived from being a nuclear country in more oppression against
    non-Persian majorities.  
    6- We condemn Persian (Iranian) terrorist regime's efforts to achieve nuclear weapon.
    7-We plead to all freedom loving democratic Governments of the world to sympathize with South
    Azerbaijani human rights activists by cutting or reducing relations with the terrorist regime and
    openly condemning the apartheid regime of Islamic dark ages of Iran.

    South Azerbaijani Independence Party
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