Date: 07 July, 2009

To: Chinese  government    
UN Human Rights Commission,
EU Human Rights Commission,  

The horrifying news of Chinese authorities’ brutality against People of Eastern Turkistan (Uyghur Turks) are chilling
reminders that occupying Chinese forces will do anything to as reported by news agencies, “exterminate” the Uyghur
Turks, in their own homeland. Traditionally Chinese government uses heavy hand in treating the occupied peoples
of Eastern Turkistan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Systematic ethic and cultural genocide, depopulation of natives, and
relocation of Chinese Hans to the occupied regions are Chinese policies for long.
We regret that despite the fact that countries like China and Iran are in the top of the list of human right violators,
random imprisonments and killings, and public executions, many countries still have regular relations with these
demonic regimes. We strongly ask all democratic governments, NGOs, human right organizations, and companies to
cut their relations with China and condemn the Chinese government’s inhuman actions against innocent and
defenseless people of Eastern Turkistan. We ask all freedom and democracy loving citizens of any country to ask
their governments to issue a strong statement voicing great concern of human right violations against Chinese
We at South Azerbaijani Independence Party, strongly condemn Chinese Government’s Anti Uyghur/Turkish policies
and demand an international court to be held for atrocities of this criminal government.

With Regards

South Azerbaijani Independence Party